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Nike Air Max 95 White Blue

In so many sports brands which is your best like or favorite? I believe most people would answer Nike. Nike is the world’s first sports brand, and it also the first choice when most people choose the sports equipage. In Nike’s Air Jordan series, similar to the myth and not many shoes that can be compared is the Air Max series. And so this series could became myth, of course, is today’s hero – run king Air Max 95. It has such a great charm, of course, can not only rely on its superior appearance, but it reflected ultra-high performance attracted a lot of young people who is interested in running shoes. I think the reason it was welcomed by so many is that it features a full charge of the max air.

Nike Max 95 is the history of the first pair of air-cushion shoes with forefoot. Its large air group to replace the traditional PU in the end, it will make jogging lighter, more comfortable and more stable. Unfortunately, re-retro version in the future, in addition to 1996, the Air Max 95 Retro has adopted the PSI system of Max Air; other versions later delete this technology. Nike is worth it enough attention to Max 95 strong market demand.

From 1996 to the present 9 years, re-retro version every year, and Special Edition release, and constantly new Colourway, and transform the material body of the shoe and match with nearly a hundred of the estimated models match. It is particularly worth mentioning is Air Max 95 White Blue. It features an all white upper while accents blue accents in swoosh border and laces, inner lining and so on. At the top of the upper, it also used subtle styling cues and the traditional layers combined with white mesh.