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Maintenance of Basketball Shoes?

The purpose of maintenance of sports shoes is twofold: first, the performance of maintenance, the second is the appearance of maintenance. Performance of maintenance methods lies in the correct save pairs of shoes, while the appearance of maintenance is mainly embodied in the shoes of the science of cleaning, but there are times when the two are one. In the Save method, because the kind of basketball shoes-making raw materials, such as comparing a pair of basketball shoes used material is likely to include leather, fabric, nylon, rubber, loving non-dragon, and so on, which led to the production process is more complex, the glue with the place. It is precisely these materials guarantee the performance of a pair of shoes, to maintain the performance is on a pair of shoes in the proper handling of the above mentioned materials from aging. Therefore the correct Save method should note the following points.

First, you should put the shoes in a dry and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight, because a wet environment can cause corruption of the shoe, sunlight exposure makes part of the shoe materials metamorphic changes color. But the shoes and should not be too dry, because lead to cracking of the leather. Because a wet environment can cause corruption of the shoe, sunlight exposure makes part of the shoe materials metamorphic changes color. Second, keep shoes, should be in the shoes of frontier soft paper, mainly paper can be residual moisture inside absorption remains inside the dryer, but will also help to keep the shoe-shaped, fixed, not in use after the “fall”. Third, special needs is for a collection of saved, it is best to buy some shrinkage film, like a shoe shop as a pair of shoes to completely wrap the shoes to maximize and air isolation to prevent for an extended period of time in the air on shoes constant oxidation. For example, nike’s air max air cushion as visible or Jordan 11 g, 16 g is a few years time it will slowly turn yellow, with shrink film to keep the original color is a better choice. In cleaning. For different materials should have different methods. Shoe soles as well as the side-long material section, you can spray a little collar NET, over a dozen seconds, gently with a soft toothbrush brushing hair, but cleaning time should not be too long after the brush should be warm or cold water to wash away the foam, minimize chemicals on the shoes of the erosion of time. After cleaning with dry cloth to wipe clean residual water, if cleaning shoes are visible on the air, then the above procedure after the first air cushion around the water clean, so some of the water for a long time on the decomposition of glue rubber chemical changes lead to open.

If possible, use toothpicks will be the sole line during the walk in the small stone, long caught in the foreign body will make the sole lines deformation, to a certain extent affect the performance of the brake shoes. Of cleaning method depends on the upper main components of the material. Basically, the cleaning method is to use a little bit of water to wash cloth and gently wipe the surface of the shoe and shoe on the stolen goods is a “hard wound”, if this is the shoe has a crack of mishap, skip a wound, as if you have a place to clean the wound will become more dirty, even crack. If the uppers are similar to the adidas nike foamposite, kobe in the series are used in the material or of patent leather PU, directly with wet cloth and rub it belongs to a relatively easy to clean. But note that some parts of another artificial leather are similar to anti fur materials such as and1 taichi mid dark parts, the inside of the air Jordan 7 black shoe, clean when it is important to note that the extent of the moist rag, the general rule to clean up this kind of shoe, too wet cloth instead of dirt will become dirty. But the above method for canvas shoes, such as nike air Garnett III part of the shoe will not work, you can say that shoe is basically no cleanup methods. Also if possible, you should time your sneakers shoes removed above focus on cleaning up after the cleaning shoes form have a better finishing touch. Finally, in shoes, try to avoid irregular circumstances on shoes use, a reduction in the rain, or snow and Sun sunlight temperature higher tar road. In the normal wear and unavoidable circumstances, should increase the frequency of changing shoes, shoes for use after a rest period of time, before next use to revert to a more “healthy” condition. Once the dirty shoes should be cleaned up as soon as possible, avoid dirt long stays in the shoes of the uppers metamorphic, etc, but not cleaned for a long period of time will increase the difficulty of clean-up on the basketball shoes short maintenance is a hard process.